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Datel Services Ltd supply and install the Paxton Net2 access control system, it is an advanced PC... find out more.

IP Access Control

Datel Services Ltd supply and install the Paxton Net2 access control system, it is an advanced PC based access control solution that will give you control over who has access to your building. With Net2 you can control access on hundreds of doors for up to 10,000 users. The software allows you to manage this in a logical and intuitive way.

Net2 is one of the most economical access control systems on the market. There are no hidden costs such as per seat licences; the software may be loaded on all the PC’s in a building if required. The standard version of the software, which includes all the features most organisations will need, is free.

Perhaps even more importantly your investment is future proofed. Adding additional doors in your building as your needs change is straightforward and cost effective. In addition, all new innovations to the system are designed to be backward compatible. Software upgrades are free.

Net2 Offers the key requirements of a PC based access control systems

  • Central Control
  • Flexible access permissions
  • Reporting

The software gives you full control over the system from your desk. Any instructions given to the software are immediately updated at all the doors. Adding users, barring users and changing users’ access permissions are all done from the PC quickly and easily.

If your company has several buildings, access to all of them can still be controlled from one location. Net2 will control many buildings in different locations using TCP/IP across your existing network.

Access permissions may be set individually or by department. This makes setting up different permissions for different groups of people quick and straightforward. Some areas may be restricted to only a certain group of users. Shift patterns may be set for departments, and those permissions are allocated instantly when a new user card is issued.

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